SBI PO Exam 10 Tips for Group Discussion in SBI

10 Tips for Group Discussion in SBI PO 2018 Exam

You may have cleared the preliminary and main examination for the post of SBI PO, but more stiff challenges will wait for you ahead. The next big milestone which you need to achieve is clearing the Group Discussion which is organized by the authority. Here are 10 sure shot tips which will help you to clear this round with comfort.

#1 Make Sense

Group Discussion is not about just speaking about a particular topic. It a test of your ability to think promptly and offering a quick explanation to any given topic. If you are starting off the group discussion, make sure you are justifying the topic by talking in context to the topic. For an instance, if the topic is ‘India’s present economic condition is hostile- Comment.” Then you should be stating about the Indian economy rather than commenting on where is India and its history.

#2 Avoid Shouting

The actual group discussions are much different to what is portrayed in television shows. Actions such as loud voice, weird expressions, unfriendly gestures, etc., are considered to be a big disappointment. Be polite and sound impressive.

#3 Memorize the recent change in the repo rate

Repo rate is one of the most favourite topics for the hosts. Be thorough with the recent changes in the repo rate along with the notification, which have come from the Reserve Bank of India. There is a huge possibility that your knowledge with easily dominate that group discussion.

#4 Wait for your turn

Etiquettes are very important for Group Discussion. Every candidate is given a chance to speak and present his/ her opinion on the given topic. Therefore, be patient and wait for your turn. If somebody has already presented your facts earlier, then try and present the same with a wider viewpoint and perspective.

#5 Try and be Factual

The best way to dominate a group discussion is by being full of facts and statistics. For this, you need to see the newspaper regularly and upon memorizing most of the statistics you will find yourself speaking flawlessly in the discussion while other simply stare at you!

#6 Speak For/ Against with lesser support

There can be an instance where the host intentionally presents a topic where the majority will either talk for or against the topic. In that situation, try and do the opposite as it will help you to draw the attention of the host. One or two solid points in your support will definitely give you an edge over others.

#7 Be the person who concludes the discussion

The best way to participate in a group discussion is to conclude the discussion. The ability to conclude the discussion will simply segregate you from the rest as you had the power to conclude a topic, whereas others were simply moving around with their points.

#8 Avoid putting up questions to others

A smart thing to do in Group Discussion is to answer others. Try and avoid putting up questions as it would give others a chance to speak and most importantly contradict you.

#9 Start off with a Quote

If you are looking forward to make an impact on the Group Discussion in your early few seconds then start off with a quote. It shouldn’t be coming from William Wordsworth or Rabindranath Tagore, but from people like Raghuram Rajan. This will certainly impress the host.

#10 Fluency matters!

The most important part of a Group Discussion is to speak fluently. It is useless to memorize facts if you cannot speak fluent English. Your stammering will give you a major setback. This is why focus upon speaking English from day 1!

Wishing you all the best for the Group Discussion!

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