10 Reasoning Paper Tips for SBI PO 2018 Exam

The candidates who are preparing for SBI PO preliminary exam which is going to held in the month of April 2018.

Reasoning Ability can be a blessing in disguise for the candidates who have the ability to solve problems based on logical judgments. Since ages this section has been the deciding factor in a candidate’s selection. So here are 10 exclusive tips to solve Reasoning Ability in exam for SBI PO 2018.

#1- Problems on Directions are a gift

When you are starting off with the Reasoning Ability section, it is suggested to hunt for the problems based on direction, clocks, etc. These kind of problems are extremely simple and can be solved within a matter of few seconds. A total of 5 questions is asked every time from this section and you do not want to miss on these for sure!

#2- Focus on Sentence Coding

Once you are done with some easy problems on direction, clocks, etc., it is time for you to move on to Sentence Coding, which will fetch you some more easy marks. Another set of easy questions for you and in your bucket you already have 10 marks before actually taking up some serious questions.

#3- Spend time on Machine Coding and Decoding

Coding and Decoding are instruments of deception by the examiner. In the first instance, the questions look really simple and easy to solve. However, when you once start solving them, 10 minutes can fly away easily. It is advised to overlook this section and move ahead with other questions if you are little confused after the first look.

#4- Know the tricks to compute quickly

An important part of reasoning ability is computation. There are numerous occasions where you are required to compute some large figures in order to get the final questions. Though the process is really simple, but need to be well versed with tables and quick calculation tricks.

#5- Data Sufficiency requires good English

If you English is good, then data sufficiency is not a problem for you. 5 questions are usually asked form this section, if you English is not so good, then move ahead by reading the set of sentences slowly and understand its meaning. If are not confident, then try a maximum of 2 questions under this section.

#6- Target Problems on Seating Arrangement

Problems on seating and arrangement is a big trap for the students. The problems require a blend of speed and logic. 10 questions are asked from this section and if you can grab hold the language of the questions then you have a good 10 marks to your credit within 10 minutes.

#7- Have Patience

Most of the students gets frustrated with problems on coding and seating arrangements. Try and maintain your composure throughout the problem. If you are unable to determine the correct order, then prefer giving the question another read and verify your steps before giving up.

#8- Go for Syllogisms, if you know the trick

Syllogisms is extremely easy for students who know the art of solving it through Venn Diagrams. Usually, Venn diagrams opens up the solution within a matter of seconds.

#9- Dedicate about 40-45 minutes for Reasoning Ability

Time management is absolutely crucial for candidates. Students should acknowledge the fact that it is not possible to solve 35 questions from reasoning ability within 30 minutes. Hence, they should cut short the time invested in General Awareness and English and invest the same in reasoning ability as the first two require less paperwork.

#10- Don’t think about anything else!

Most importantly, during the tenure of the examination your focus should remain constant on the problems that you are solving. Forget the fact that a world exists around you and indulge yourself towards giving your best. In this way, you will be able to give your best performance in the reasoning ability.

Try and get at least 22-25 questions right within a time frame of 30 minutes!

SBI PO Exam 2018 Preparation Tips

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