3 Very Simple Tips to Prepare for IBPS CWE III

3 Very Simple Tips to Prepare for IBPS CWE IIIIBPS has already issued a notice for clerk Common Written Examination 2015. We will discuss here 3 very simple things to prepare for IBPS clerk exam. The candidates who have already applied for the exam should read the following article for preparation of IBPS Clerk CWE.

Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) conducts Common Written Examination (CWE) every year for the selection of personnel for public banks in India. Candidates who perform well in this 200 marks examination are appointed by various public sector banks in India after an interview. More than 20 reputable banks in India are participants of IBPS and favor candidates who score well in this examination. Financial institutions appreciate IBPS because of the standard of its examination and its professional pattern. The common written examination that is divided into five sections, namely Reasoning, English Language, General Awareness, Computer Knowledge and Numerical Ability, and total duration is 2 hours. Each section is of 40 marks. It is mandatory to pass in every section as well as in overall paper to qualify for interview. Hence, it is advisable that equal attention should be given in every section so that overall marks can boost up.

Lots of candidates struggle to hold the pressure of preparing five sections at the same time. But, it should be kept in mind that studying in regular basis is the key to success in IBPS Clerk exam III. Adding to it, candidates must remember that working smartly is better than working hard. Hence, one should develop an effective strategy to study rather than turning into a bookworm. Listed below are several important things that can help a candidate to prepare well for IBPS Clerk Exam III that will be held this year. The following 3 points should be very clear in the mind of the candidates to prepare for IBPS Clerk Exam 2013 (CWE III).

1) Clear concept: The syllabus is quite vast so it is very important to remember everything properly until examination. Most candidates struggle at the time of examination because they either forget what they studied or get confused. Hence, the key to success lies in clarity of concept. When a candidate has clear concept about the whole syllabus, he can generate confidence to appear for examination and answer appropriately.

2) Proper practice: The phrase is widely popular that practice makes a man perfect. Hence, efficiency of a candidate lies in practice. The more one practices, the more one gets to know about his knowledge. One should gather a set of good books from the market and start solving it after developing clear concept of the whole syllabus. Every right answer will develop more confidence in the candidate whereas wrong answer will make him realize about his loopholes so that he can go back and get his concept cleared. One should keep on practicing until he develops full self-confidence that he can appear and score well in IBPS Clerk Exams III.

3) Substantial speed: The fact is quite harsh that duration of 200 marks paper is just 2 hours from students’ point of view. But one cannot help or request the institute to increase the duration. All one can do is practice hard and generate good speed so that he can attend the full paper within the allotted time. Speed can only be increased if the candidate has clear concept of every topic and has practiced efficiently for the examination.

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