5 Sure Shot Tips to Attempt Quantitative Aptitude Paper in IBPS PO 2020

We are trying here to give you 5 very important and sure shot tips to attempt Quantitative Aptitude paper that will rock you in IBPS PO Exam 2020.

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1) Remember All Formulas: Since it has very much to do with maths, one would definitely have to remember a lot of formulas such the formula of an area of square, rectangle, rhombus, parallelogram etc. Moreover one also has to remember different formulas pertaining identities. The tip might sound boring but is really very helpful in solving complex problems.

2) Remember 2 to 30 Tables: Learn as much table as one can, preferably from 2-30. This will make calculation easier for one help in solving number crunching problem with ease. Those with knowledge of Vedic maths will find it more easier crack the exam.

3) Practice, Practice & Practice: Another most important and highly recommended step is to practice as much test papers as possible. This will help one to grasp proper knowledge of different types of questions that might be asked. Start the preparation in advance so that one has ample time at their disposal. One should patiently handle all the subjects and be slow and steady while solving the problems.

4) Give Importance to Important Topics: Since there are various topics in the Quantitative section, few topics bear importance from the examination point of view. These topics have to be prepared thoroughly like fractions, time and work, HCF and LCM, percentage etc. It is always advisable to prepare all the topics for increasing the scope of scoring, yet one should handle important topics at first.

5) Speed Vs Accuracy: The last important tip is that one should confidently solve those questions, in which they are sure to score marks. It is meaningless to attempt all the questions as one should remember that there are negative marking. So try an attempt question with high percentage of accuracy.

The above tips are only illustrative not exhaustive, hence one can develop their own technique in solving various problems. Therefore, following the above tips will definitely help one grasp a proper grip in the Quantitative section.

In the quench for search of a job, one would always look for security in the job. This is the most basic and important feature while opting for any job. Banking jobs is one such job that provides with itself, the job security feature. It is due to this reason that many candidates from various parts of India sit IBPS exam Institute of Banking Personnel Selection is a body which was conducted by the government to create job opportunities. It is responsible for selection of the most apt people in the banking arena. Therefore, it holds an important place in the life of many aspirants willing to join the banking arena.

Almost lakhs of individual sit for this exam, but only a selected few clear the exam hurdle. The exam hurdle has to be taken very seriously because without crossing this platform one could never reach the higher grounds. Many candidates get stuck in various sections of the exam. Those who do not have complacency with maths face the biggest hurdle in the Quantitative section. The quantitative section, tests the mathematical skills of an individual so those with an inclination towards mathematics will find it easier to solve.

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