7 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Attending IBPS Interview

A candidate may make several mistakes while appearing for interview but knowing some of the basic mistakes which generally a candidate may make will give them an upper edge and help them clearing the interview successfully with minimal mistakes.

There could be several mistakes that could be made but here is a list of 7 big mistakes that candidate should be avoided in order give a lasting impression on the recruiter. The following rules are applicable to PO, Clerk, SO and RRB interview also.

1. Inadequate or zilch knowledge of banking arena

It is an obvious fact that any recruiter will like to have his prospective employee, some knowledge of the sector in which he is going to work especially where money is involved. Hence one should get accustomed to as many banking related knowledge and terminologies that one can. In order to help gain such knowledge many books are available in the market. On the other hand there also various websites that is especially dedicated to help such candidates grab such knowledge.

2. Never over depends on others experience

This one of the common mistakes that a candidate tend to make where they over rely on others experience and reply to question asked in an interview in the same manner. This is detrimental to their image as recruiters don’t want people who copy. One can learn from an experience but thinking he/she knows all the facts are very harmful.

3. Why choose banking job

One of the many frequently asked question in an interview is this one where many candidates fail to impress the recruiters due to lack of awareness of one’s need. This question may be asked umpteen times in an interview but the best answer cannot be copied at every interview as every interview is different. So it’s best to search answer form within your needs than from others needs.

4. Nervousness

One common physical condition that affects ever candidate during an interview is nervousness. A mere glance of the selectors may run into your nerves but one has to keep his cool and answer accordingly and to the point only. If you don’t know the answer one should be brave enough to admit it rather giving them some non-sense stuff.

5. Knowledge of the Current affairs and GK

This part will test you every time, whether you attend a written exam or an interview. So in order to enhance your knowledge in this one could go through newspaper or read GK oriented books.

6. Looking presentable

No matter what type of an interview you may appear for looking presentable always sends out a good vibes to the panel and one would already made an impression. So one should dress accordingly to suit the situation and here many tend to fail.

7. What you want

This also an important question that is asked frequently so one should definitely has a clear goal set in his mind as to what he wants from the banking job and where should it take him in future.

The above mistakes that almost every candidates done while going to IBPS interview. Avoid the above mistakes to get success in IBPS interview. Please share your IBPS interview experience with us, it will be very helpful for others. So be ready for the next IBPS clerk interview 2016-17.


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  1. sir, i had done engg in production i had done two inplant training also. how to answer in interview why banking after engg. no gap 2014 pass out

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