Banking Career for Graduates and Post Graduates

Banks are the institutions that take care of the money of the corporate as well as the normal individuals. With the progress in world, the operations now are getting computerized to provide more accurate, quick and efficient service to their customers. Nowadays, most banks are offering the facility to use ATM (Automated Teller Machine) card so that cash can be withdrawn or money can be deposited via cheque at any time of the day and any part of the world. In return, the banks pay interest on the money deposited by its customers, provide loans to people, etc. Banks also offer its customers a wide range of services to attract more customers like exchanging foreign currency, giving investment related advices, helping with insurance and acting as trustees.

So, if we are talking about career in banking sector whether for private sector or public sector. There is a tremendous competition going in the banking sector among all the banks as their common aim is to come up with innovative and customer friendly schemes. All this has led to an increase in the opportunities in jobs provided by banks and a requirement for people with technological and marketing skills. The banks has fixed some eligibility criteria to accept application from applicants.

Private Sector and Public Sector Banks: Public sector banks are those banks that are governed, managed, run and owned by the government and RBI.Salary of the staff and workers here is fixed. These banks have the right to intersect with the other countries. Private sector banks are those banks that are not owned or controlled by the Government. They can shut down anytime as they have their own existence. The salary of the staff here depends on how much the bank that they are working in earns per annum. The shares of these banks have no guarantee.

Graduates: People who have successfully earned a degree / completed a course of study or training. Generally, people who have graduation degrees from well known and recognized universities get more preference over the other. The persons who have degree of graduation in any discipline can  apply for the post bank clerk, bank PO and officer under scale-I, II and Scale III. IBPS held recruitment exams every years for clerical and PO Exams. You can apply for bank clerk job for 19 public sector banks. SBI has its own process to recruit staff. And if you are not interested to do job in public sector banks then don’t worry there are also other private banks who regularly appoint staff on vacant positions like ICICI Bank, HDFC bank etc. We have also the page Government Jobs for Graduates, where you can find the latest open vacancies in various Government sectors.

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Post Graduates: People who have successfully earned more than one degree (known as masters’ degree) are known as a post graduate. Post Graduate candidates can apply for bank PO, bank officers or specialist officers (if having specialist degree like CA or Law). We have also the page Government Jobs for Post-Graduates, where you can find the latest open vacancies in various government sectors like railway, police, banks, insurance and other departments.

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