Big Announcement – 14 Crore Man-Days Employment for Indian Railways in 2018-19

One of the biggest announcement of the Railway Budget 2016-17 is that, Suresh Prabhu, the Railway Minister of India has said that the railway system would be generating employment of 14 crore Man-days in 2018-19. The main focus of the claim was to emphasize on the level of development which the Indian Railways has planned for the upcoming years.

In his speech, Suresh Prabhu, also focused upon making some wide scale contribution to the network of Indian Railways by planning to electrify 2000 kms by the end of the next year. The plan has also increased the budget for electrification by 50%.

Apart from this big news, there were also 5 other noticeable developments which were presented in the Railway Budget 2016-17. They are:

#1- Double decker trains

Double decker trains would be used for connecting business centres in the country. The potential of these trains is to run overnight and would connect all the major trading centres of India. This will boost the businesses all over India and traders would have the opportunity to reach a wider audience base.

#2- Electrification of 1600 kms

About 1600 kms would be electrified by the end of this year. The figure would stand at 2000 kms by the end of the next year and this would serve as a linkage between railways and unexplored India.

#3- Connecting Barak Valley to India

A major objective of this railway budget was to create a route which would connect Barak Valley to India. With Broad gauge project between Silchar and Lumding, the same would be achieved.

#4- Connecting North-East with India

Presence of mountains and steep passages has served as a problem for the Indian Railways. This is why the current budget is taking this problem seriously and trying to connect places like Mizoram to India with the aid of a broad gauge. Currently, the possibilities only include buses, cars and flights.

#5- Ahmedabad –Mumbai Corridor

A SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) is being launched, which will serve as a speed corridor between the cities Mumbai and Ahmedabad. The registration took place during this month and the project is ready to roll.

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Apart from these five developments, there were also other propagandas which were entertained during the Railway Budget. The fare has remained the same and has the citizens can continue to travel from one place to the other at the same expense. Additionally, about 100 railway stations would receive the facility of free Wifi by the end of the current financial year. The figure would rise to 400 by the end of 2017.

Sensing the changes and the developments which has come through the Railway Budget 2016-17, it would not be wrong to state that this year’s budget has been presented with a view to benefit the common man and help him to overcome the problems which travelling with the Indian Railways. Benefits such as free Wifi, baby food in train and cleaning service on request as come as an advantage for the people who wish to live under Swachh Bharat and Digital India.


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