Budget 2015:  Govt Emphasis to Create Millions of Jobs

Employment opportunities have always been one of the prime agendas of the Indian government, regardless of the accomplishment by the governing/ruling parties over the past few years. Walking on a similar path, the current Modi government also pursued that agenda in its latest Union Budget 2015 to increase Govt Jobs and Private Jobs in various sectors. The slight difference is the involvement of the ‘Make in India’ scheme launched by the PM and the emphasis of the budget to optimise the strategies of the campaign.

Experts have suggested that for the ‘Make in India’ campaign to be really successful hiring managers need to shift to ‘skill based’ search rather than ‘qualification based’ as it is one of the major strategy through which employability of the candidates or job aspirants will be fully utilised.

The objective behind Modi’s indigenous campaign is to turn India into a manufacturing hub, which will not only create huge job opportunities, but will also positively impact the nation’s standing as an industrial economy. In addition, importance on skill-based education system will make the youngsters job-ready. The government is planning to boost manufacturing growth and production as well as facilitate investments wherever productivity is high. This will ensure massive job opportunities, especially in sectors such as manufacturing, services, production and infrastructure.

The finance minister, while presenting the budget announced launch of a special nation skills scheme under the administration of entrepreneur and skill development ministry. This step will be a huge boost for the rising young entrepreneurs and businessmen across the nation. The councils for consolidating the skill initiatives is spread across 11 skill councils, that will also allow the government to standardize outcomes and procedures.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi during one of his speech emphasized on the ability of the youngsters stating that rationale behind stressing on the manufacturing sector is ensuring that the young population are with proper jobs as well as properly skilled. The plan has been rightly described as positive and progressive, looking at the massive investment of government into mega power and infra projects, apart from enhancing the SME businesses which according to the PM will be one of the major backbones of the Indian economy in near future.

The government announced launch of new IITs, IIMs as well as other prestigious educational institutions in fields such as medicine, fashion and science. This step is a clear indication that the government is set to prepare the Indian future ready. The government is also planning to set manufacturing hubs in India especially for defence and auto equipment, which will provide ample of job opportunities for people as well as will steer the overall development and economic growth.

While allocating budgets for start-ups, sufficient attention should be given to promotion of start-ups and small businesses across tier 2 and tier 3 cities. This will not only help in enhancing the overall employment consistency across the nation, but will also help the government to penetrate its skill development plan to the deepest corners across the nation. As per skill experts, focus areas should be grow jobs in commerce, training and technology sectors.


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