Govt Sector Career Opportunities in the Year 2016

The Government Sector, also known as the public sector is concerned with the basic services provided to the public by the Government of an economy.

In most of the countries, its composition varies from almost 20-30% in an entire economy. Government jobs include services such as military , defense , police , fire services , jobs for economic and international development , public transit , legal services , human resources , accounting , IT , research , civil services, public relations, health care and basic required education for the poor and much more.

Eligibility Criteria 

The job /eligibility criteria in the government sector are differentiated according to the type of jobs. For example, people aiming in working at banks for the position of Officer or Officer Assistant need to have a graduation degree. People who want to work at telephone companies as Technical Assistant need to have a diploma or an M.Sc degree in electronics.  People who want to work at hospitals / nursing homes or any other medical institute need to have the degree of MBBS to be a medical officer and in the case of nurses , they need to have a diploma degree or a B.Sc degree in medical science.

Pay Scale

The pay scale completely depends on the type of work people do and the position that they hold. It might range from 18,000-2,50,000 or maybe more. You can get more information about salary pay scale here as 7th pay commission is applicable from 1st Jan, 2016.

Recruitment opportunities 2016: There are lots of opening job in Government sector daily. As we have been working form last 4 years, we have more than 20k thousand jobs opening daily. See today opening Government Jobs.

  • The candidate must describe the type of job that he/she is aiming for.
  • Review and understand the job that is available and the candidate must see whether he/she meets all the criteria required or not.
  • The candidate should be intellectual. A good impression on the panel that employs the candidate. The panel needs to be convinced that the candidate applying for the job has the experience and knowledge necessary for the position/job.

Benefits/Advantages to Government Employees:

  • Employee Development Schemes ,
  • Long term care insurance program ,
  • Recruitment bonus ,
  • Leave and Holidays ,
  • Health benefit programs / various medical schemes ,
  • Life Insurance programs ,
  • No working on Government Holidays ,
  • Social security for government employees ,
  • Thrifts Savings plan ,
  • Awards and incentives ,
  • Pension Funds ,
  • Recognition and honors ,
  • Valuable work experience.

More Opportunities in the year 2016:  Presently, in the Government Sector there are various new opportunities to seek. Getting jobs online is trending in the world with more and more websites coming up every day to give these opportunities to the young people with all of them providing the same type of facilities (like our Facebook Page of Recruitment News). These websites are making recruitment much convenient and easier for the public. The job seekers post their resume or mail it to these websites and can search for the type of jobs that they are looking forward to. There are various blog sites too that have started using blogs as a medium to reach out the public. You can subscribe your email ID to get latest updated in your email INBOX.


More Govt Jobs Opening

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