What Everyone Likes About Government Job and Why?

Government Jobs in India are perhaps one of the most desired jobs of the nation. The job not only guarantees a secured future, but also allows a candidate to be a part of the Government machinery. In 2020 itself, there are about more than 2,00,000 government job openings nationwide. Here are few highlights that will help the readers to understand the popularity and preference of the aforesaid.

  1. Job Security– When it comes to job, the assurance of being in the same position plays a vital role. As the private sector continues to evolve with fluctuating marketing trends, many people find themselves out of job within a matter of few months. However, Government Jobs are more stable. Earlier Government employees used to have permanent jobs whereby it was not possible for anyone to remove them unless they were found guilty under certain conditions. In today’s date, most of the Government employees are hired on contractual basis of 11 months.
  2. Guaranteed Hike– The best part of the Government job is that the employees are offered a guaranteed hike on an annual basis. Thought the rate of hike fluctuates, on an average the hike is of 15%. If a Government employee is found to be fulfilling the designated responsibilities it can be assumed that the person would be getting a standard hike and would be continue to hold his office till the retirement age.
  3. Appraisal Method– The performance indicator that is used by the Government machinery is usually very lenient as compared to private sector. In private sector the performance is the key indicator and the future prospect of the candidates is 100% dependent on the same. But in case of Government jobs, the candidates are required to fulfil their existing job responsibilities and achieve minor targets.
  4. Greater Opportunities– Government jobs are spread out over a wide area. Right from Class X pass to Scientists, all can apply for Government Jobs in their respective field. There is no limit on the number of applications, nor does the candidates need to spend a fortune for the application fee. A simple online form is enough to apply for the post and then based on the selection process a list of selected candidates is generated.
  5. Post Job Benefits- Apart from job benefits, there is a wide range of post job benefits that Government employees get after they retire. Facilities like pension, gratuity, etc., ensure that even after service period, the employees continue to get a steady flow of income to support their family and dependants.
  6. Stability of Income- The most important reason behind Government job is the stability of income. The salary of employees is credited on the 1st of every month. Irrespective of the scenario, each employee receives the monthly remuneration on time and hence, there is a stability of income throughout the job tenure.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, there are also other perks of joining a Government Job, these include guaranteed number of leaves per year, perks while travelling, etc. Have other questions? Ask them in the comment section!

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