SSC CGL Tier-I 2017 Preparation Tips

As the SSC CGL Exam is approaching near, 1st August 2017 the candidates should start their preparation with a hope to overcome the Tier I exam. The preparation for Tier I exam required dedication and intelligence. Investing too much time in one section or neglecting another section can prove to be fatal. Here are some preparation tips for SSC CGL Exam 2017.

SSC CGL Preparation Tips 2017

#Tip 1- Prepare seriously for Tier I

A big misconception among candidates is that Tier I examination is easy. In reality, this exam is of standard type and aims to eliminate those candidates who are not serious. As a candidate, your primary objective should be to prepare well for the Tier I examination. Sections such as Quantitative Aptitude and English should be taken seriously as they will once again be a part of the Tier II examination.

#Tip 2- Avoid guessing answers

The exam carries a negative marking of 0.50 for every wrong answer. Hence, candidates should avoid guessing an answer. If you are unsure about an answer, then simply move to the next questions. There are about 100 questions in total, each carrying a mark and the time duration is about 60 minutes. You get a wide range of options to answer. So why waste your hard earned marks?

#Tip 3- Plan your approach

For being a successful candidate, you need to plan your approach towards the paper. There will be 100 questions from 4 sections. Trying to solve each and every question from a single section is foolish. Your objective should be to solve a minimum of 15 to 20 questions from all the sections and if you are still left with time, then try to solve from your favourite section.

#Tip 4- Dedicate time to English Language

English language is a rewarding area for a student. All that you need to do is invest a few hours of a day to this section and you easily score more than 35 in this section. Areas such as use of adjectives, pronouns, synonyms, etc., serve as an easy source of marks.

#Tip 5- Study Quantitative Aptitude in detail

While preparing for quantitative aptitude, make sure that you are focusing on the concepts. Not only Tier I, but also Tier II of the exam has quantitative aptitude section. So, it is better that you give quality time to this section.

#Tip 6- Save time in General Awareness

When it comes to general awareness, you either know an answer or don’t. So, the bottom line is that you will be attending only those questions whose answers as known to you. It will only take 10-15 minutes to go through all the questions in this section and the ones which you know will be answered immediately. Hence, this section will save a lot of time for you.

#Tip 7- Look for clearing the cut offs first

There may be a situation where a particular section contains a lot of questions whose answers are known to you. Under such circumstances, try and solve about 15-20 questions from the section and move on to the next section immediately. Once you are done with all the sections, come back to the respective section and complete it (if you are left with time). In this way, you will not run out of time to complete all the section and thus, clearing the sectional cut offs.

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