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UPSC IFS Results 2017 – Check Result Online

The UPSC IFS Result 2017 is likely to be out in October 2017. Though the exact date of result has not been disclosed by the respective authority, experts believe that aforesaid period is the ideal time for the result of the Preliminary Examination. This result will hold a lot of importance for the candidates as it would determine who all will proceed to the main examination.

Where can I see my UPSC IFS Result 2017?

The UPSC IFS Preliminary Exam Result can be seen on the official website of UPSC. Any other website which claims to show you the same will eventually redirect you the UPSC website as no other website is authorized to do so.

What information do I need to see my IFS Exam Results Online?

You don’t need any such document to view your result. Yes, you would be required to remember your roll number, but apart from that you do not need any other information. The result is usually accessible to all as the UPSC authority believes in maintaining transparency in operations.

How to download my IFS Preliminary Exam Result?

The IFS Preliminary Exam result can be easily downloaded with the help of few click. The process is extremely simple and user-friendly. Just follow the mentioned steps and you will have your results right infront of you within a matter of minutes.

Step 1- Visit UPSC’s website
The very first thing that you would be doing is to open the official website of your examination authority, which is, For visiting UPSC’s website, you can copy and paste the given URL in the address bar of your browser.

Step 2- Find the Result link

On entering the UPSC website, you may get confused with links. The page is full of links and each link redirects the user to the respective information. If you take a look on the right hand side of the web page, you will find a list of links, one below the other. In those links, the result for IFS Exam is also present. Carefully find the required link and click on it.

An easy way to find your link is to use CTRL and F keys on the keyboard. This will open a ‘find’ tab on the top right hand side of your screen. Insert the word ‘result’ in that box. You will realize that areas where the work ‘Result’ is mentioned in the page will get highlighted and hence, finding your link will become easier for you.

Step 3- Locate your Roll Number

The click on the result link will redirect you to another page. The page will contain your requirement- IFS Preliminary Exam Result 2017. The list would contain roll numbers of the candidates who have qualified to the next round. To find your roll number in the given list, either scroll down or use the CTRL + F technique.

Once you have your result right infront of you, you can either save the same in the PDF format or take a print out of the same.

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