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As the date for SCRA Exam is getting closer, the candidates would be looking forward to make some good preparation such that they can score good marks in the Part I Examination. The exam will be based on Objective-Type questions and candidates would be required to answer by selecting one of the options given along with the questions. This type of exam requires speed as well as precision. Hence, here is the syllabus for Part I Examination of UPSC SCRA 2016.

UPSC SCRA Syllabus 2016

The syllabus for SCRA includes three subjects, namely- General Knowledge, Physical Science and Mathematics. Test of each subject will be hosted separately and a total of 600 marks will be on offer.

1) Syllabus for General Knowledge

The General Knowledge section intends to test the awareness of the candidates. Typically, there is nothing such as syllabus for this paper as questions can come from anywhere. However, with experience, experts have broadly categorized the areas from where questions are commonly asked.

Life Cycle of Plants and Animals Human Body Pollution & its control Solar System
Seasons and Climate Mountains and rivers Indian economy Indian History
Constitution of India Socialism Indian Social system Taxation
Planning and development India’s Five Years Plans Division of labour Economics

2) Syllabus for Physical Science

The syllabus for Physical Science includes test of Physics and Chemistry. The scope of this paper is divided into two sections, where the first is for Physics and the second is for Chemistry.


Newton’s Law Reflection and refraction Equilibrium Temperature and its measurement
Heat and energy Magnetic moment Electric Charge Electromagnetic induction
Cathode rays Diode and its use Mass and Weight Force and Enegry


Chemical Bonding Electro-Chemistry Atomic Structure Oxidation
Solutions Hydrogen Group I – VII elements Radioactivity
Esters Tetrahedral nature of carbon Nitro compounds amines Carboxylic acid

 3) Syllabus for Mathematics

The syllabus for Mathematics includes everything which has been taught till 10 + 2 level. Questions can come from any section and candidates are expected to meet the challenges. Some of the segregated chapters are:

Differential Calculus Algebra Analytic Geometry Vectors & its applications
Trigonometry Integral Calculus Probability Statistics

Preparation tips for UPSC SCRA 2016

Though the syllabus for SCRA is vast, candidates often make though the first phase very easily. A good presence of mind and choice of right question is often the key. Here are some of the preparation tips which champions have been following for years-

  • Do not attempt each and every question. Since, there is a time limit, invest your time on only those questions which can be solved with minimum efforts. Once you are done with them, move on to the tough ones.
  • The exam consists of negative marking, therefore, do not guess an answer. If you are sure about it, mark it else leave it.
  • Planning your approach is important. You can start with those questions where you can confident. Then gradually move on to the tough ones. If you are left with any time at the end, then only try solving the ones which are very difficult.

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UPSC SCRA Exam Syllabus 2016 – Latest UpToDate

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