10 Important Strategies for IBPS PO X Exam 2020

Worried for your IBPS PO Exam? The first thing that you need to do is relax! Nobody is confident enough to claim that he knows everything and can crack the exam with a 100% score. Always remember the fact that your primary objective is to clear the basis cut offs, scoring well is just an option here. Here are some Strategies which will help you to clear the cut offs at IBPS PO Exam 2020.

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#Tip 1- Geometry and Trigonometry is a waste of time

Many would be focusing on these areas. But from my experience, it is totally a waste of time. You need at least a month’s time to understand them properly and then give proper revision time to them. In the end, there are only 3-5 questions asked from this section. In this time, you can work on the arithmetic section.

#Tip 2- Guessing game only works in movies

The exam carries negative marking. With every wrong answer you are losing 0.25 of your hard earned score. So stop wasting your efforts and time.

#Tip 3- English holds the key

Many continue to ignore English and focus on the other two sections. However, with very less dedicated time you can manage to get a good hold over English and be able complete passage reading.

#Tip 4- Do not neglect any section

The exam is thoroughly dependent on sectional cut off. Ignoring any one of the section can be fatal.

#Tip 5- Problems on Seating & Arrangement should be read slowly

It is advised to read the problems on seating & arrangement with ease. In this way you will be able to collect the essential points and complete the puzzle more accurately. The time that you would have wasted by reading the problem over and again can now be used in some other area.

#Tip 6- Venn Diagrams are like free scoring areas

Venn Diagrams can be easily solved with the help of circles. If you have a clear concept then it would only take you seconds to complete all the questions related to this section.

#Tip 7- Nervousness is for the weak

Never get nervous in the examination hall. Try and search for the easy questions first and solve them with blistering pace. This will help you to score some marks as well as confidence.

#Tip 8- Previous year’s question papers are very useful

Solving previous years’ question papers is like having a cheat code to crack the examination. You can easily analyse the trend along with the number of questions that are asked from every chapter.

#Tip 9- Divide your studying time

Never devote a complete day to one particular section. Always be wise enough to touch every section and be familiar with the chapters from which questions are always asked in the exam.

 #Tip 10- Enhance your computing skills

A little knowledge of Vedic Maths will increase your computing skills by almost 100%. You would be able to make faster calculations, thus, increasing your problem solving speed.

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