5 Tips for Preparation of Analogy in IBPS PO 2020

You should read the following tips to attempt Analogy in IBPS PO Exam 2020. The Reasoning Section contains 40 questions from topics like family tree, directions, decoding and classifications, which are challenging and constitutes a very important part of the exam paper. Let us now have a look at the Analogy part of the paper to have a clear view of the same.

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1) Finding Common: Analogy refers to the comparison between two things, i.e., finding or tracing a common feature between the two set of given words. The question can be given either in the form of numbers or in the form of alphabetic words. A solo series of the above is given or the combination of both is given in the paper. The candidates have to identify the pattern in the given pair in order to answer the other unpaired letter or number.

2) Various Forms: Analogy can be given in various forms, i.e., either it can be analogous pair, simple or direct analogy or questions on sitting arrangements, where the candidates need to show their reasoning.

3) Pair: In the first case i.e., analogous pair, a pair of related word is given and the word without a pair has to be paired from the given options, the judgment can be done by matching each of the options separately.

4) Simple or Direct: In the next case which is simple or direct analogy, a sentence drawing a relation between two objects is given and the non created relation has to be framed from the available options.

5) Arrangements: Last is the problems on sitting arrangements, here some of the arrangements will be provided in the question and the rest of the relation has to be traced as per the available options. It is better to write all the given options first and then relating each one of them.

All these questions are so designed so as to judge the logical reasoning capabilities of the candidates in IBPS PO Exam 2020 and how well they can trace the relation between the words or the numbers. As the candidates clear the written examinations of IBPS PO, the name of the successful candidates are chosen to call them for the personal interviews. After successfully completing both the written exam and the personal interview, candidates get listed as per their merit order. The postings or the allocation of locations to the candidates is done on the basis of the available state or UT vacancies, as the case may be.

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